This web site supports an effort to produce a New Church Translation of The Word, fully named, The Sacred Scripture or The Word of the Lord in TCR 189.

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt in a tabernacle among us, and we beheld His glory.  John 1:14
The style of the Word is the Divine style itself, with which no other style can be compared, however sublime and excellent it may seem. The style of the Word is such that there is a holiness in every sentence and in every word, and even in some places in the very letters, and thereby the Word conjoins man with the Lord and opens heaven.  TCR 191


A New Church Translation of the Word

The letter of the Word was written in accommodation to the natural mind of the man of this world, and throughout this work of revision we have sought to find this accommodation in the Word itself. Each word is like a precious stone given to us by the Lord, each phrase and verse is like a jewel. They are beautifully arranged to reflect and transmit the light of heaven from within; and the more a translation reflects this arrangement and beauty the more the glory of the Lord can be seen. There are aspects of the Sacred Scripture that cannot truly be brought into what we call standard English, but a translation faithful to the original text in the light of the Heavenly Doctrine can convey to the English reader what the Lord has revealed to man. It is with this hope that we offer this present revision of the Sacred Scripture.

Printed copies of the new translation are now available.

For more about the need for and the use of a New Church Translation of the Word please see the Companion booklet, where many of the ideas involved with such a translation are illustrated by passages from the Letter of the Word and explained by teachings from the Heavenly Doctrine.

The whole text of this translation is available for reading and study on this website. Click the buttons on the right, or read more about it here.

One goal of this project is to produce printed copies of The Word. Read more about this effort here.

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